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The purpose of this image gallery is to showcase the main features of Classic Shell and the extents to which it can be customized.

If you see here something you like, you can ask in the Source Forge forums how to do it.

Start Menu

Standard skins:
Skins for the start menu

XP Luna skins:
XP Luna

Windows 7 menu with cascading All Programs:
Cascading All Programs

Start menu with a search box and inlined Shutdown, Logoff, Restart and Sleep buttons:

The clrSharp2 skin:
Download clrSharp2 skin

The SevenVG skin next to the Windows 7 standard menu:
The Classic Start Menu and the Windows 7 menu

Glass skin with two columns. The right column contains custom items like Games and Network:
Glass skin with two columns

Shut Down can be made into a menu with Hibernate, Sleep, Turn off, etc.
Shutdown menu

Classic Start Menu Settings

Start menu settings

From the Settings dialog you can edit the controls for showing the start menu, the look and behavior of the menu, and to customize the contents of the menu.

Windows Explorer

Here are few examples of customized toolbars. You can provide your own icons and text:
Custom toolbar

A toolbar with a dropdown menu for the drives:
Drives menu

Another custom toolbar - notice how only select buttons have text:
Another custom toolbar

The dropdown in the address bar can be set to show the parent folders instead of the browsing history:
Adress bar dropdown

A simpler dialog when copying files:
Copy files

Choose between different navigation tree styles:
Navigation Pane Styles

Classic Explorer Settings

Classic Explorer Settings

From the Settings dialog you can control all features of Classic Explorer. Here are some of them:

Show Up button in the title bar - adds a third button next to the back/forward buttons for going to the parent folder:
Up button

Show caption in the title bar - show the current folder name in the title bar of Explorer:
Caption in Explorer

Show icon in the title bar - enable the icon in the title bar of Explorer:
Icon in Explorer

Disable breadcrumbs - show the folder path in the address bar instead of breadcrumbs:
No breadcrumbs

Show free space and file size in status bar
Status bar

Add icon overlay for shared folders - adds a small icon to mark shared folders:
Shared Icon

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer with customized title bar colors, progress bar and security zone display:
Customized IE9 frame

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